Motion Sensing Floodlight Cameras — Security, Surveillance…and High Tech Stalking!

Ring motion sensing flood light cameras are turning safe neighborhoods into surveillance networks — Image credit: Glenn Harvey
Ring Floodlight Camera Motion — Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Black
Trends in decline in crime in most categories in San Francisco from 2018 to 2020 with increases in arson, burglary and vehicle theft noted in 2020 factored by the COVID — 19 shutdown.
Are My Neighbors Spying on Me? New York Times 11/08/2019 Image: Trisha Krauss
Image: Owlcation — My Neighbors Are Spying On Me What Can I Do
The Rise of Big Doorbell
Pigeon cam
Pigeon Drone — Surveillance Technology

Medical Director - Golden State MD Health & Wellness. UCSF/Stanford Author & Researcher. PI HP Biomonitoring. Certified Clinical Nutritionist. PoliticoMD!

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