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Motion Sensing Floodlight Cameras — Security, Surveillance…and High Tech Stalking!

Ring motion sensing flood light cameras are turning safe neighborhoods into surveillance networks — Image credit: Glenn Harvey

The new frontier of privacy war is being waged around the complex legal and regulatory issues stemming from the “terrifically addictive and widely engaging hodgepodge of voyeurism, suspicion and unease” generated by the rising use of motion activated floodlight cameras and neighborhood security apps. Amazon touts it’s $1.2 billion investment in Ring camera technology as the “Evolution of Outdoor Security.”

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion — Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Black

The ultra bright LED floodlights are activated by motion detected within customizable zones with a 270 degree field of view allowing the user to detect motion around corners and in blind spots. The high resolution camera can be coupled with a siren alarm and two way audio allowing the user to speak with anyone..from anywhere!

Combined with the Ring app, the user can flash lights, sound the alarm and zoom — in to focus on areas under surveillance. Additionally, the floodlight camera sends instant alerts to a smartphone or computer. The system costs up to $350.00 and is difficult to install. The Ring disclaimer identifies the device as a security…not a surveillance camera.

Neighbors is the Ring app that allows users to share video feeds and receive dynamic updates from connected neighborhood watch apps like Citizen that operates in San Francisco receiving updates from 911 calls.

Max Read describes the “hyperawareness” he experienced after installing a Ring security camera as a “terrifically addictive and wildly engaging hodgepodge of voyeurism, suspicion and unease.”

A recently divorced man moved into a townhome next door to mine during the Spring 2020 COVID-19 shutdown and, over the next six months, exhibited conduct that escalated to include trespassing, stalking



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