Determination of Harm to Plaintiffs of the Hunters Point Community Lawsuit Due to Tetra Tech EM, Inc. Criminal Fraud and Negligence at the Hunters Point Shipyard — a Federal Superfund Site

Tetra Tech EM, Inc. is a Navy Contractor whose workers submitted thousands of fraudulent samples collected from radiation contaminated soil and buildings at the Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco, California
A federal Superfund is a property so contaminated it is placed on the National Priorities List of properties hazardous to human health and the environment.
Christopher Carpenter is a community hero and principle plaintiff of the Hunters Point Community Lawsuit. As a shipyard worker he was exposed to toxic dust so dangerous multiple work shut downs were mandated. Carpenter alerted a school with children outdoors on a playground and was fired. In 2016 Chris Carpenter died of a cancer so rare it had not been reported in an African American.
In Gandhi’s world view, Ahimsa precludes the act of inflicting physical injury as well as mental states including hatred and evil thoughts.

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