San Francisco Ghost Offices Haunt Landlords Image: Tony Bell

Gavin the Ghostly Candidate

launches a bid for President

shrouded in veiled secrecy

to escape the Hell Hole

He Helped create

in the State of Doom in San Francisco

Haiku by Ahimsa

Graffitti on a San Francisco sidewalk — photo courtesy

“Purpose of evasion.” To evade means to manage or avoid by dexterity or slyness. The previous three clauses mean that no pledges or promises have been made to any individual or group that would hinder my ability to deal honestly with all issues coming before Congress.” The congressional oath of office: What does it mean? — The News-Press

California Governor Gavin Newsom denied he is running for President after launching a national campaign and tour, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki “gushed over” in a sit-down interview with him on April 7, 2023.

According to, Psaki — former political advisor to both Obama and Biden - gushed over Dem “Star” Gavin Newsom but “quickly shot down” MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell’s suggestion he could be a potential 2024 nominee against President Joe Biden.

As an MSNBC news host Psaki is expected to adhere to standards upheld by the Society of Professional Journalists whose code of ethics treats sources, subjects, colleagues and members of the public as human beings deserving of respect. Journalists are expected to deny favored treatment and certainly not “gush over” potential candidates for national office!

The best sign Newsom is preparing for a national run for office is the trial balloon launch of a federal Super PAC on March 30, 2023 veiled as a $10 million campaign targeting red state governors. (Code for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who Newsom is clearly obsessed with.)

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

“The more ambitious phase underscores Newsom’s desire to project influence far



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