I was so short and skinny as a child when there were extra milk and graham crackers left over at snack time in elementary school the whole class would vote to give them to me. I inherited huge incisors as a family trait and my front teeth took up half my mouth and most of my smile! My legs were so skinny my friends called me chicken legs.

I was bullied so much in junior high school I learned how to fight and people learned how to stop picking on me. I was ridiculed so much I learned to spend time alone at the Leland branch of the public library reading about growing up to be a beautiful ballerina like Maria Tallchief — the first American prima ballerina… a Native American. I took tap, ballet and acrobatics classes and won a gymnastics tournament in middle school and graduated from high school with a scholarship to a respected ballet studio.

In 2007 world famous photographer Michel Szulc-Krzyanowski traveled to San Francisco and interviewed me for inclusion in his photo documentary The Most Beautiful People in the World. I have learned to be resilient and that has contributed more to my career success than my physical appearance…I feel yuh!

Medical Director - Golden State MD Health & Wellness. UCSF/Stanford Author & Researcher. PI HP Biomonitoring. Certified Clinical Nutritionist. PoliticoMD!

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