MHBAM IN BVHP…Detect…Protect…Prevent!

On Saturday, October 17, 2020 the Marie Harrison Bayview Air Monitoring Steering Committee took a giant step forward in one of the highest risk communities in the State of California for air pollution, particulate emissions and toxic air contaminants.

Marie Harrison was memorialized at St John Missionary Baptist Church on May 18, 2019. Known as the Mother of the Environmental Health & Justice Movement in Bayview Hunters Point, Marie Harrison fought — to the very last breath — for the right to “live, work, play and pray on land that is clean.”

Harrison lost her epic battle on May 5, 2019 and succumbed in cardiopulmonary arrest to scars and inflammation in her lungs caused by chronic exposure to air pollution. She wore oxygen cannulas in the final crusades she mounted from Southeast San Francisco to the halls of City Government.

Harrison lost the battle but won the war in her quest to protect the air quality in Bayview Hunters Point with the siting of the first of ten Dylos PM 2.5 sensing air monitors at her home church — St John Missionary Baptist Church on Newhall.

St. John Mission Baptist Church is located on Newhall Street at the intersection of 3rd and adjacent to the major throughway at Evans. It represents a northern point of entry to the Bayview Hunters Point residential neighborhoods. It’s location for a community air monitor is ideal because to the west of the church are major mobile and stationary sources of pollution including the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Facility, numerous automotive industries and Highway 280. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, in a letter to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, documents the India Basin region immediately north of the church, to be a major hub of air pollution in a neighborhood the EPA documents generating over 20 tons of particulates each year.

Immediately east of St. John Missionary Baptist church and to the rear of the facility is nested a dense residential neighborhood leading to the base of the Hunters Point hilltop. An air monitor strategically sited to detect small particles of air pollution generated by sources to the west will protect the eastern neighborhoods and sensitive receptors located immediately south that include the Joseph P Lee playground, Historic Opera House and Mendell Plaza.

Siting the Marie Harrison Bayview Air Monitor at St John Missionary Baptist Church

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