Legal Legacy of Harm to the Hunters Point Community

“We are fighting this toxic genocide all the way to the top of the government ladder.” Attorney for Plaintiffs — Charles A. Bonner & A. Cabral Bonner, The Hunters Point Community Lawsuit

“On behalf of named plaintiffs and thousands of other victims to be named including residents, deceased family members and unborn children,” renown civil rights attorneys Bonner & Bonner filed a $27 billion lawsuit — on May 1, 2018 — for damages arising from “generational threats of cancer and other incurable illnesses attributed to the documented fraud perpetrated by US Navy contractor Tetra Tech in assuring Hunters Point residents and the City of San Francisco that the radiation contaminated land at the Hunters Point shipyard had been cleaned.”

In that historic filing, Attorneys representing nine thousand plaintiffs of the Hunters Point Community Lawsuit, Charles and Cabral Bonner affirmed, “Scientists, environmentalists and the people of Hunters Point have been pushed back and discredited by government officials and developers…until now!”

Hunters Point residents demand environmental health and justice!

In a statement issued in June of 2020, Bonner & Bonner notified plaintiffs that a 60 Day Notice of Proposition 65 Violation had been filed with the California Department of Justice and received by Attorney General Xavier Becerra. That filing was prompted by video captured by Hunters Point hilltop residents of deep soil excavations being conducted on the southern hillside in the region designated Parcel A-2.

Backhoe excavator conducting operations at the fenceline separating a federal Superfund site from a dense residential neighborhood, schools and recreational centers on the Hunters Point hilltop at the height of a global pandemic and record breaking wildfire season in a community the California Air Resources Board assigns one of the worst air pollution ratings in the state.

The Bay Area Air Quality District confirmed a dust complaint had been filed supported by video of a “backhoe” excavator at the fence line of Hunters View public housing, schools and recreation centers. According to the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, “Land and vegetation clearing work is underway at the site and construction is scheduled to begin this summer allowed under the city’s shelter in place orders and permitted as an essential activity by executive order of Mayor London Breed.”

In the article, Bayview Residents Sound Alarm Over Potential Dust from Toxic Site, investigative journalist Rebecca Bowe revealed “The City” allowed earth moving and



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